Residential Roofing

Since 1914, Wagner Roofing has continued to deliver award-winning craftsmanship, with a special focus on historic roofing, including slate, metal, tile, and cedar shake roofing.

Our team has spent the past century building working relationships with quality manufacturers, suppliers, architects, engineers, and industry leaders. Leveraging these relationships has helped us to set the bar for proven quality.

Our Residential Roofing Approach

When working directly with homeowners and property managers, our process begins with identifying our customers’ needs, interests, and goals with any of their projects.

We respect the history and role that our buildings play in our daily lives, one that can create emotional connections to the aesthetics and performance of the exterior envelope.

We combine modern resources with proven traditional design methodologies and leverage our long-standing industry knowledge.

Our process begins by analyzing the home’s architectural design and its relationship with its surrounding neighborhood.

To begin your journey and explore your options, please contact our team at (301) 927-9030 or complete our Service Request Form at the link below for a callback.

Residential Service & Repairs

Regular monitoring and maintenance of your complete roofing system is vital to maximize the lifespan of your roof. This approach is something that we recommend to all of our customers.

Our Service Department is set up to respond to emergency leak calls, routine roof repairs, and roof inspections with our trained roof technicians. Each of our service crews is dispatched to their respective calls daily with the resources to protect your home and make recommendations along the way.

Masonry Restoration

Incorporated within the roofing system (i.e., chimneys, vertical rising walls, etc.) or as part of the larger building envelope, deteriorated masonry is often encountered during roof replacements and historic restoration projects. Over time, from moisture and freeze/thaw cycles, mortar degrades, requiring maintenance and restoration. When moisture gets into a masonry system that isn’t able to properly dry (i.e., painted brick, damp areas, areas near foundations), that degradation can be amplified and result in spalling bricks, cracked or missing mortar joints, wall displacement, and/or visible efflorescence streaking or staining.

From repointing to restoration and reconstruction, masonry is a highly skilled trade that requires trained knowledge to restore correctly. Our trained stone masons can identify and restore masonry components, including brick, stucco, limestone, mortar beds, and more, as part of a roofing or stand-alone masonry project.

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