approach to safety

Our organization has a long-standing safety culture through a daily team approach to safety. We employ a full-time Safety Manager on-staff focused on acting as a resource to our crews in the field and the Project Management team in the office.

Our focus on safety begins at the beginning of each project, with planning starting in the Estimating stage.

  1. Safety & access are planned and accounted for in the project Estimating phase
  2. Safety & access are reviewed, discussed, and modified between our Project Management and Operations teams prior to mobilization
  3. Safety Manager and Foremen again review & modify safety plan at the commencement of work
  4. All field technicians are required to hold a minimum of OSHA 10 certification
  5. Crew Foremen hold OSHA 30 certifications

Given the military and federally funded projects that we are known for, our crews are often held to an even higher standard. Thus, we also comply with the US Army Corps of Engineers EM385-1-1 Engineering Manual.

Additionally, owning and erecting our own in-house scaffolding allows us to prioritize our safety approach and better control costs on all of our projects. On larger-scale projects that involve added logistical complexities beyond our in-house capabilities, we work with established industry partners that carry their own proven safety track records.

Award-Winning Bethesda Metro Center Project

In 2018, our team and our partners at Scaffold Resource were recognized with the roofing industry’s top safety honors, the coveted Gold Circle Award. Recognized for “Safety Preparedness and Performance,” our overhead skylight roofing work at the Bethesda Metro Center was safely completed as the metro hub below remained fully operational, hosting thousands of daily visitors throughout the duration of the project. The project was covered in a feature article in Professional Roofing Magazine article following the presentation of the award.