In 2017, Wagner Roofing won the prestigious “North American Copper in Architecture Award,” presented by the Copper Development Association, for work performed at this gorgeous private modern residence, located in Alexandria, VA.

The origami-shaped roofline of the custom-built home required intricate details in order to properly control stormwater drainage across it’s 10 (you read that right…) adjacent roof sections, all utilizing different slopes and pitches.

Working with the homeowner and Restoration Engineering of Fairfax, VA, a complete double-locked standing seam copper roof system was designed and installed. In doing so, the aesthetic of the standing seam roofline was incorporated into the modern architectural design of the home. In some areas, the standing seam copper roof transitioned continuously into vertical standing seam copper wall panels to emphasize the building’s clean modern architectural lines.

Lastly, to properly manage stormwater runoff, a 4″ copper channel was formed along the large steep gable edges to direct water down the roofline through series of valleys to custom copper conductor heads and downspouts, which were carefully crafted to minimize their visual impact on the architectural design of the home.

What resulted was a stunning roofline that adds, rather than detracts, from the award-winning design of the home. In 2018, the home also went on to win an additional award in the Washingtonian Residential Design Awards, presented by AIA DC.

Roofing Contractor: Wagner Roofing Company
Roofing Consultant: Restoration Engineering, Inc.
Copper Manufacturer: Aurubis
Design Architect: David Jameson Architect