Wagner’s heritage runs deep in working directly with iconic institutions, given the rich history of the Washington, D.C. area and the type of demands that institutional properties and their constituents typically require. Examples include religious institutions, government buildings, schools, universities, embassies, museums, banks, non-profits, etc…

Many of these buildings are grand in stature and history, involve difficult logistics, and require long-term solutions to prevent further disruptions, costs, and limitations with access. Our Operations team and skilled craftsmen thrive with such challenges and continue to push the envelope with award-winning solutions.

Historical Context

Not all projects involve working within the guidelines of historic properties and neighborhoods, but when they do, precise attention to detail is required to create a product in line with the character and historic guidelines of the building as well as its surrounding area. That is why we are an active member and partner with the local historic preservation groups as well as national governing organizations within our industry. The expertise and familiarity that our team has in working within traditional building best practices is a distinguishing component of our company that we are extremely proud of.

Institutional Gallery