Opened in 1906, the historic Randall School recently underwent a large-scale restoration and redevelopment project. Wagner crews began by stabilizing the failing roof structures, then later returned for a complete roof replacement of the slate, flat seam copper, standing seam copper, dormers, and TPO roofs. The roof replacement also included new 20oz built-in gutters, restoration of the east cupola, replicating the decorative metal cornice, soffit, and fascia, and a new custom copper skylight. A particularly complex project component involved reinstating a previously eliminated decorative balustrade from engineered steel framing and custom fiberglass profiles. The revitalization project brought the world-class Rubell Museum to the surrounding community. The project was recognized with a 2023 DC Award for Excellence in Historic Preservation, presented by the DC Preservation League and the DC Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development.

Fun Fact: The museum’s inaugural exhibit in 2023 was titled “What’s Going On” as an homage to the Randall School’s most famous alumni, Marvin Gaye.

Owner: Rubell Family
General Contractor: The Christman Company
Architect: Beyer Blinder Bell Architects
Slate: North Country Slate Unfading Black
TPO: 60-mil GAF Everguard

Randall School Roofing Gallery