Fit Body, Fit Mind

A Fitness Challenge in Conjuntion With VRAAM

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Our Challenge to You:

Exercise 60 min/day from June 16-28

Recent events have shown many of us that both our physical and mental health are more fragile than we'd like to admit.

So let's do something about it ... together.

Join Wagner's "Fit Body, Fit Mind" Challenge

From June 16-28, 2020 – dedicate 1 hr each day to physical exercise

Building a Culture of Health & Fitness

A passion for fostering a mentally and physically healthy team and community led Wagner to spearhead employee and local outreach initiatives, as well as sponsor multiple cycling teams and events throughout the Mid-Atlantic.

Last Fall, we committed to support acclaimed sports journalist Rupert Guinness and his efforts to raise awareness for mental health in the Race Across America (RAAM) – the ultimate 3,000-mile test of mental and physical endurance! Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, RAAM was cancelled.

The Virtual Race Across America (VRAAM) Is Born

With the cancellation of RAAM, Rupert Guinness and his team saw the opportunity to leverage their platform to resurrect the 2020 iteration of RAAM as the newly incarnated Virtual Race Across America (VRAAM). In doing so, they have strengthened promoting awareness of mental health issues by inviting millions more to be part of this exhilarating annual event.

For the first time, VRAAM will let riders from around the world participate in this epic event crossing 12 states, 3 mountain rangers and some of America's most scenic landscapes, via the FulGaz virtual cycling app.

Wagner's "Fit Body, Fit Mind" Challenge

We challenge you to join us in this virtual journey across America ... for an hour a day.

While you're free to go for the full VRAAM 3,000 mile, we challenge you (our employees, customers, industry partners, friends and familes) to join us, and Rupert Guinness, for "the60" – 60 minutes of exercise (riding or whatever exercise you choose) each day of the 12-day VRAAM events, from June 16-28.

And yes, there will be prizes...

How to Join the Challenge

To Participate in the "Fit Body, Fit Mind" Challenge

  • 1. Download the Strava app via your app store
  • 2. Join Wagner's "Fit Body, Fit Mind" club to log your workouts*
    (*Prizes will be based on logging your workouts on the platform.)
  • 3. Log your workouts every day from June 16-28

— AND/OR —

To Compete in the Official VRAAM (registration closes Tuesday, June 9)

Official VRAAM registration details:
  • 1. Download the FulGaz App
    If you are new to @fulgazapp then download the App to your chosen device.
  • 2. Subscribe to FulGaz
    You will need to have a valid FulGaz subscription for the entire event. You get your FulGaz subscription via the App. This can be either a monthly or annual subscription.
  • 3. Enter Your Desired Level of Competition
    1. VRAMM: 3,000 miles (4,828kms)
    2. VRAW: 925 miles (1,488kms)
    3. the60: one-hour rides all 12 days

An Issue Within Our Industry

A recent Professional Roofing article revealed that there should be as much care taken for the mental health as is taken for the physical health of people in the roofing industry.

As trained craftsmen, every day, our minds work just as hard as our bodies.

And while craftsmanship is "the quality of design and work shown in something made by hand" ... we must remember that the mind controls the hand.

Whichever level you choose to participate, we are excited to join you in this journey.

Fit body, fit mind.