On May 16, 2019, Wagner Roofing was presented with a “Best of Maryland” Stewardship Award by Preservation Maryland for the restoration efforts performed at the Junior Company No. 3 Firehouse in Hagerstown, MD.

Originally constructed in 1852, The No. 3 Firehouse, located caddie corner to the Hagerstown City Hall, dates back to a time in which it was occupied by federal troops during the Civil War and was temporarily set up as a field hospital following the Battle of Antietam. In 1970, stemming from a nomination from the Maryland Historical Trust, the building was placed on the National Register of Historic Places.

In 2008, the building, which had fallen into major disrepair, was purchased by Hagerstown resident and retired U.S. Navy Commander, William “Doug” Carroll, III along with his wife, Kristy. As proud neighbors of the building and local history buffs, the Carrolls had the vision to return the structure, and its significance to the City of Hagerstown, back to its original glory.

In 2018, the Wagner Roofing Company accepted the task. A complete slate roof replacement capped off a major restoration to the entire N. Potomac Street façade, providing a new heartbeat to the center of the historic district.

Funded in large part by the Maryland Historical Trust, Wagner Roofing installed new Buckingham slate alongside copper flashings, rebuilt the dormers with new windows and carpentry, restored the brick facade, and applied the original historically-accurate paint schemes to the iconic bell tower and ornate cornices.

The Junior Company No. 3 Firehouse now stands tall amongst the epicenter of the Hagerstown historic skyline, which is visible from nearly all edges of the city.