We’re back with another year of our
“Fit Body, Fit Mind” Mental Health Challenge!

Join us this year from June 1-14, 2021 in conjunction with acclaimed sports journalist, Rupert Guinness’s, epic ride across Australia and Tasmania.

Our 2021 Challenge to You:
Exercise 60 min/day from June 1-14, 2021

Science has proven that there are extensive mental health benefits to be gained from exercise. So through the social fitness app, Strava, members of our staff and community can log their exercises with the goal to be active for at least 1 hour per day for 14 consecutive days. In doing so, we hope to help raise awareness around mental health as we each reap the mental benefits from being active.

During that time, sports journalist, Rupert Guinness, will be embarking on an epic journey from the saddle of his bike as he rides from the northern coast of Australia to the Southern coast, before taking a ferry to the island of Tasmania where he will continue his trek to the top of Mount Wellington in Hobart.

Last year, Guinness completed the Virtual Race Across America (VRAAM) from a stationary cycling trainer as a result of COVID 19. During that incredible effort, Rupert road for nearly 18 hrs/day for 12 consecutive days. This year’s journey will be another year of preparation for his eventual in-person participation in the 2022 Race Across America (RAAM); an epic race across the US finishing in Annapolis, MD, just 30 miles from the Wagner Roofing Offices.

The challenge is free to join for all, all you’ll need to do is download the free Strava App to your smartphone or access it through your web browser. Strava’s free membership will allow you to participate, once you’ve joined our “Wagner Roofing” Group at www.strava.com/clubs/wagnerroofing.

All types of exercise count: running, walking, yoga, cycling, lifting, etc… And if you miss a day or two, don’t worry about it, that’s completely fine. You can either make that time up another day or just get in whatever commitment you are able to. This is all about getting active, having fun, and taking note of the mental benefits of exercise.