We remain open and operational and will continue to post any updates to our policies or operations below as they continue to evolve. Safety remains our top priority.

In response to these unprecedented times regarding the global COVID-19 pandemic, please rest assured that we here at Wagner Roofing have been working tirelessly to provide the safest environment for you, our customers, and our employees.

Beginning with the release of the CDC’s original recommendations and best practices, our Wagner Leadership Team met and established a company-wide policy and action plan to incorporate those guidelines, which we’d immediately distributed and implemented.

As the magnitude of the situation escalated and more information became available, both regionally and nationally, we continued to expand our approach to best serve both our internal and external teams and customers.

On Thursday, March 12th, we spoke with our employees and implemented even further significant changes to both our logistic and operational procedures, which took into account the CDC’s increased precautions and recommendations. We have minimized interactions for our employees and work crews, both internally and externally, while maintaining full operational capacity.

Given the self-sustained nature of our work performed on the exterior envelope of buildings, our crews are able to maintain a safe distance from customers, building occupants, and the general public, while still protecting our customers’ assets. Additionally, our typical field crew size runs between 2-5 men, which we have further limited in compliance with CDC & government recommendations and requirements. With these measures in place, our exterior work environments would largely be classified as “Lower Exposure Risk,” according to OSHA’s “Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19” publication.

Customer Interaction Policy:

While the majority of our work occurs on the exterior of buildings with minimal face-to-face interaction with people outside of our organization, we must occasionally meet onsite with customers. Examples include:

  • A service crew knocking on a door to alert a contact of their arrival
  • A building representative meeting our crew to guide them to a specific leak location
  • Our Foremans’ daily check-in with an onsite representative, etc.

Effective immediately:

  • Wagner employees are instructed to perform all such check-ins and communications by phone
    • In circumstances where direct interaction or access to the interior of a building is required, employees will first seek permission by phone before attempting to enter a premise or approaching a customer
    • Wagner will continue to distribute our “COVID-19 Company Policy” to all active and upcoming customers in advance of our mobilization onsite
    • The decision to interact directly with our employees or to grant our team access to a building’s interior shall be at the discretion of the customer. Wagner employees will proceed accordingly. At the time of entry, Wagner employees are advised to ensure the interior environment is safe and to follow the guidelines we have adopted.

It is our pledge to you that we will continue to treat this situation with the utmost respect as we continue to deliver the quality you know and trust from Wagner. We will continue to make plans in advance of any disruptions and will remain both flexible and agile in our approach to sustaining a safe and productive operation.